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The lack of focus on mindset is the reason most companies report minimal improvement in sales and management processes after spending more than $70B (US) and $200B in North America (2015) on corporate training.  Most corporate training programs only teach process improvement and fail to address mindset; meanwhile, mindset is paramount for personal and professional success. As the missing link in your corporate training program, our mindset training teaches your team or managers to change their mental and emotional state in order to implement the valuable training they have already received. Our mindset training establishes best practices into second nature for your leaders and your teams. We help you turn your process training into action, saving you time and money. It’s what sets us apart and makes us the best.

Given how hectic life is these days, we know that if something isn’t easy, it won’t happen. To satisfy this need for convenience and flexibility, many of our trainings are available online. Whether you are sitting in on one of our lunch-hour webinars, or you are attending one of our “Livestream” multi-day courses, our online training gives you the flexibility you need to gain career changing knowledge, add new skills to your resume, or incorporate new change techniques into your life. As a registered participant, you will have access to recorded versions of all Livestream material, so you can access the material anywhere and learn at your own pace. Even more, in our multi-day courses, you will also receive one-on-one time with our instructors via virtual Office Hours.  Ease. Convenience. Flexibility.  Sign up for one of our online courses or webinars today!

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Identify Negative Patterns.

Discover how subconscious limiting beliefs could be keeping you or your team from achieving peak performance.

Overcome Limiting Beliefs.

Learn to visualize success and acquire the skills to abolish self-limiting beliefs and replace them with new truths.

Shape Your Future.

Take control of your destiny; Develop a toolbox of skills that will aid you to in achieving even your most lofty goals.


Monica Marusceac, BCH

Monica Marusceac, CEO of Peak Performance Associates, is a Marine officer, Harrier jet pilot, Reiki Master and Teacher, Board Certified Hypnotist, NLP Practitioner and Trainer, and formal military instructor in the art of Crisis Action Planning. A free spirited, animated, and unorthodox speaker, Monica draws from her unconventional collection of professional experiences as a military officer, holistic professional and entrepreneur to open people’s minds and inspire on new ways to think about leadership, confidence, decisiveness, overcoming obstacles, and achieving mental and emotional mastery while maintaining your authenticity and enhancing what makes you unique.

Ramzy Ayachi, BCH, CI

Ramzy Ayachi, CLO at Peak Performance Associates, is a retired Marine officer, CH-53 Super Stallion helicopter pilot, Special Operations Joint Terminal Attack Controller, Board Certified Hypnotist and Certified Instructor, NLP Practitioner and Trainer, and Certified Flight Instructor. An animated, enthusiastic, poised speaker, instructor, trainer and coach, Ramzy will engage your staff and keep your attendees asking for more. Always up for a challenge, Ramzy will customize his training to suit your unique corporate needs in order to transform your teams into unstoppable success machines! Hire Ramzy for your next on-site corporate training event today.

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Success is 20% Skills and 80% Mindset.
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