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Hypnosis for behavior change

We all have behaviors we wish we didn’t. Some are benign and more of a nuisance than problematic. Other behaviors however, undermine or even damage our health and wellbeing. More often than not, these unwanted behaviors and addictions stem from some deep-seated thought or belief held deep in our subconscious. If you have one of these issues, the logical-rational part of your brain knows that this behavior or behaviors are not good for you and yet you can’t stop because your subconscious can’t hear you say, “enough!” This is where hypnosis can help. Hypnosis works by speaking directly to the subconscious and replacing the negative thought patterns that keep you tied to the unwanted behavior. Schedule a consultation today and we’ll custom-create a strategy to break even your most stubborn habits.

Hypnosis for fear of public speaking

Some fears are born from truly frightening experiences that leave a person traumatized for years. Others fears often start innocently, usually in childhood. Maybe you climbed too high in a tree and suddenly you were afraid of heights. Or you watched a scary movie about spiders and now every bug seems huge. These are ideas that our subconscious latches onto and even without a genuine risk, percolates into a real issue. Here’s the interesting part, the brain doesn’t know the difference between a real trauma and an image that has grown larger than life. It’s all the same in our minds. When left untreated, phobias can impact your life for years, and may even worsen over time. If you suffer from a fear or aversion that you can’t seem to shake, hypnosis can help. Hypnosis works by accessing the subconscious and reprogramming the brain’s response to stimuli. Hypnosis is so effective in this area that many of our clients experience improvement after only a single session!

Hypnosis for children

Children and adolescents are imaginative, extraordinarily open-minded and adaptive. These same great qualities also mean that they can be susceptible to over-active imaginations that perceive problems where there aren’t any, and failure everywhere. This level of stress can undermine a child’s confidence and cause performance and behavioral issues, fear or phobias, and stress-related problems. Hypnosis can help! Hypnosis is a safe, chemical-free alternative to pharmaceutical therapies, and perfect for children adolescents and teens precisely because they are so “imaginative, extraordinarily open-minded and adaptive.” This openness means that the critical, rational mind is easier to quiet and the subconscious mind easier to engage.

Hypnosis for stress management

Being stressed is a badge of honor these days. The more stressed you are, the busier you are, and if you’re really busy, you must be very successful. Sound familiar? However, all this stress and the related anxiety that goes along with it create a physical and psychological toll. Recent studies even suggest that anxiety suffers face a higher rate of cardiovascular events and heart disease; and elevated stress levels are fueled by rises in cortisol, the so-called “fight or flight” hormone that gives us the ability to run from real danger, but can wreak havoc when constantly elevated. Hypnotherapy to address the root cause of your stress and anxiety can change negative thought patterns to more productive thinking, and promote feelings of relaxation and wellness.

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