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We offer a variety of superhero development services… what superpower do you want?

The key to success in any walk of life is a positive, healthy mindset; however, that’s not always so easy to achieve without a little help! Whether you’re looking for more clarity in your personal life, confidence professionally, or focus in competitive environments, we are the professionals who can help you achieve your goals efficiently, effectively, and for the long haul. We’ll start by teaching you how to eliminate negative thought patterns, then we’ll show you show you how to master your emotions and leverage them to give you a competitive edge.  Finally, we’ll provide you with a toolbox of techniques to continue using in those moments when you need self-assurance, laser-like focus, and continuous persistence most.

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Coaching used to be limited to sports.  Today there are career coaches, executive coaches, life coaches, health coaches, and nutrition coaches, to name just a few. Our coaches can help you up your game personally or professionally, help you overcome the limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from reaching your fullest potential, and help you make lifestyle changes that will stick so that you are the healthiest version of yourself.  Working with a coach gives you reliable support, challenges you to ask more of yourself, and keeps you accountable.  After working with a coach, you are stronger, more confident, and more open to change, not because of your coach, but through what your coach helps you see in yourself.

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A unique yet proven tool now used by famous athletes and successful business professionals alike, hypnosis has been around for centuries to alleviate fears, reduce pain, and promote sleep, to name just a few of its uses. Today it is practiced in world-renowned hospitals to speed healing and reduce patients’ discomfort; it is used by dentists to help patients with dental fears; it is used by mental health providers to facilitate change.  We use hypnosis in all these ways and more such as to help clients reduce stress, fear, and anxiety, to manage addiction and chronic pain, to address issues such as smoking cessation, weight loss, and conditions such as IBS, colitis, and white coat syndrome, and to overcome the limiting beliefs that negatively impact confidence and self-esteem.

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We know we need to eat better, exercise more, and sleep longer, yet doing so can be hard. Especially if your life is hectic and stress-filled.  So what’s the answer?  Turn to a wellness coach who can help you make small tweaks that pay dividends in your overall health and well-being. Or learn how to combine meditation and mindfulness into a routine that is easy to follow and can be done at your desk–with no one knowing! Or sign up for a Reiki session and let a master practitioner use healing energy to help calm your stress and relieve your pain. A few visits with our skilled practitioners can have you feeling better and on your way to peak health and performance in no time, using proven techniques with a personalized approach.  You body, mind, and soul will thank you!

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Techniques For Maximum Impact.  Every Time.


Identify Negative Patterns.

Discover how your subconscious could be stopping you from achieving your true potential.

Overcome Limiting Beliefs.

Learn to visualize success. Acquire the skills to defeat old mindsets that are holding you back.

Shape Your Future.

Take control of your destiny; Develop a toolbox of skills that will aid you to in achieving even your most lofty goals.

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We are here to help you and your team, family, and friends overcome obstacles and become unstoppable.

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