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About Ramzy

Chief Learning Officer at Peak Performance Associates and Nova Hypnosis & Wellness’ Lead Hypnotist, Ramzy Ayachi is a Board Certified Hypnotist, Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, and a Certified Master Trainer for Hypnosis and NLP.  He is your secret weapon.

Whether providing one-on-one services, leading a workshop, training professionals how to be more persuasive, or preparing new hypnotists to help others, Ramzy is a charismatic and highly-effective coach.  A natural teacher and trainer, Ramzy instinctually and expertly guides individuals and groups in deep, powerful change. Not, symbolic change that wilts under the pressure of stress, but real change that starts with a shift in perspective and ends with new thought patterns that sustain lasting change. Ramzy’s innate talents make him a favorite with clients.

A graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy with a B.S. in Ocean Engineering and a 20-year Marine Combat Veteran and former CH-53E pilot, Ramzy’s background may not seem like a logical fit for his chosen career of changing mindsets. Yet it’s exactly his decades’ long military training and experience in coaching other Marines that Ramzy leverages to help his clients achieve their personal best, both mentally and physically.  The various teaching, mentorship, and leadership styles he observed while in the Marines became the basis of his own unique and highly effective style of leadership and coaching.  Throughout both careers, Ramzy has proved himself a formidable trainer and has earned a reputation as a sympathetic coach and leader. His intuitive understanding and value of the human capital element is evident in how he helps others appreciate and leverage their own inner strength and worth to achieve the best version of themselves.

Ramzy’s exceptional abilities as a hypnotist, coach and trainer have allowed him to help hundreds of clients achieve positive, lasting change in in their personal and professional lives. He feels strongly that he has an inherent responsibility to leave behind a better more capable environment, team, or individual and that passion is evident in all of his pursuits. To help his clients and those he trains realize the results they want to achieve he asks that they consider the seemingly simple question: “What DO You want?” Ramzy uses this exercise to help people put a reference marker down, begin looking inside to know where they currently are, and then clearly and energetically working together with clients to drive towards their desired outcomes.  Laser-guided clarity, empathy, powerful inspiration, and intuition are Ramzy’s calling card and why those “in the know” seek his services.

When Ramzy is not focused on helping others make changes that positively impact their own lives, you can find him spending time with his incredible sons and wife, snowboarding, dirt bike riding, hiking, traveling, and actively giving back to the community and to Marine Corps and other Veterans’ organizations.

Who Works With Ramzy

Ramzy has helped a wide variety of clients…top level executives, federal employees, teenagers, professional and amateur athletes, professors, children, husbands, wives, military, etc. with issues ranging from eliminating unhealthy behaviors, ending paralyzing fears, and alleviating stress related issues.  Pretty much all human beings!  His real passion and expertise however, lies in working with business people, entrepreneurs, and athletes who must operate at peak performance by helping them obliterate their limiting beliefs and access their inner super-hero!

How to Work With Ramzy

The first step to working with Ramzy is to sign up for an initial online assessment with him.  The initial assessment is conducted via Zoom Meeting software. (Zoom can be downloaded and used for free at https://www.zoom.us/.)

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